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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Canada Beats World In Rock Paper Sissors... What

At a World Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships at a nightclub in downtown Toronto, the favorite childhood game has become a sport. The 320 competitors call themselves professional athletes and wear glitzy costumes Some even bring along team doctors and nutritionists care for their physical well-being and take them through intense warmups. Some international contestants flew in from far away places like London, England to participate in the spectacle.

Toronto's own Rob Krueger, was the winner and netted $3,825. He's a member of the "Legion of the Red Fist" team. He gained the title of World RPS Champion with a combination of rock-paper-paper, defeating his opponent's three rocks. The event drew a crowd of about 900, including a slew of local and international media.

To the uninitiated onlooker, taking the playground game seriously may seem difficult. Many competitors wore homemade costumes, and played with a can of beer in the hand they weren't using for the game.

It's Like This... According To Me....

You go Canada... what an awesome way to spend your time ... what?

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Should You Mention Sex At The Office

Well this is an easy one: you can’t. To ask someone out is the very definition of personal, as in, the opposite of professional. The moment you ask this beefcake on a date, you are leaping out of the realm of courteous pleasantries and sterile encounters and attempting to land in the “intimate zone” where you see people naked.

Unfortunately, located smack dab in the middle of these two distinct areas of social interaction is the dreaded Pit of Awkwardness. If you make the jump for the intimate zone and miss–whether it’s because he refuses to open the landing hatch or you just trip over your shoe laces–you end up in the pit, and once you’re there, there’s no getting out. There’s a reason that the old sages came up with the adage “Don’t sh*t where you sleep.”

Unless you’re into some seriously kinky stuff, poo isn’t playing a major part in what you plan to do with this guy, but the general premise holds true. No one wants their friends and colleagues to smell the stench of the Pit of Awkwardness on them. Despite everything above, sex in the copy room is HOT. It is forbidden and naughty and therefore awesome. So, in the end, it’s up to you. Just be sure to look before you leap.

It's Like This... According To Me...

If you're Dewight impersonating Jim... I say hell yeah... hilarious!

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